Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6s Plus: Samsung releases two new colors to rival Apple in Asia but will it emerge victorious? [video]

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Oct 18, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

It seems that Samsung is trying to win back the hearts of its home country when it announced that it will be giving South Korea something new and different from its latest Galaxy Note 5. Many are speculating that it can be a tactic of the gadget giant to turn away the attention from Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 6s Plus, which will be launched in Seoul on October 23.

 CNET writes that according to Samsung, it will release two new colors of Galaxy Note 5 and these are pink gold and titanium silver, with the former a possible response to the rose gold variant of iPhone 6s Plus. Although it only pertained to the South Korean market, Samsung added that the new color options will be branched out to neighboring Asian countries but no other details are still available. This totals the Galaxy Note 5 colors to five, following the availability of the original gold platinum, white pearl, and black sapphire.

The local giant should definitely boost up its lineup as the iPhone 6s was reported to have sold about 13 million units during its initial release globally. TrendForce writes that while Samsung remains to be the top smartphone manufacturer because of its 25 percent shipments this quarter, it has shown negative sales for the first time as compared to Apple, which seems to maintain it's upward momentum due to the market's fascination with the 3D Touch of the iPhone 6s Plus.

Fans shouldn't be dismayed as the Galaxy Note 5 can certainly attract more buyers especially if the basis will be it's winning specs, Tech Times reports. Running on a processor that is an eight-core Exynos 7420 partnered with a 4GB RAM, the iPhone 6s Plus may look slower and old-school as it uses A9 chip dual core and 2GB RAM. But, the big question remains: what happens if this is tested in real life, not just based on what is written on the box?

It seems everyone has this question in mind as David Rahimi of Phonebuff released a new video doing a speed test between the Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6s Plus. Watch the video below.

Based on the video, Rahimi calls the challenge "one of the closest matches we have seen so far," sharing that the iPhone 6s Plus has won only by two seconds, as seen on the stopwatch app. With this challenge in mind, are we now looking at iPhone 6s Plus as the fastest smartphone today?

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