7 more gluten-free crock pot recipes perfect for winter

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Dec 09, 2015 05:30 AM EST

The trend of using the crock pot to make meals has kept up, but did you know that you can make equally delicious, hassle-free but gluten-free food perfect for winter with it?

A crock pot is a great and easy to use kitchen device that allows you to cook meals without really having to because it does all the work. Slow cooking your food allows you to do various errands without attending to it, however, you're still guaranteed great outcome just as long as you follow cooking instructions carefully.

Here are 7 gluten-free crock pot recipes you need to try:

1.) Perfect broccoli cheese soup

Broccoli and cheese tend to go perfectly well together. So much so, that sometimes it's the only way that kids want to eat the vegetable. This recipe from Iowa Girl Eats transforms that comfort food into creamy, cheesy and gluten-free soup.

2.) Crock pot beef fajitas

This recipe from New Leaf Wellness will make you realize that beef and crock pot are best friends. Slow cooking beef tends to let it be more soft and packed with so much flavor. This recipe doesn't require too much liquid added which is great because the flavors get more concentrated and seep in better to the fajitas.

3.) Round steak with mushroom gravy

Yes, you can make steak in your crock pot and have it with gravy too. This gluten-free recipe is from We Got Real. The author recommends using homemade beef broth if you're watching your salt intake. This main dish goes nicely with mashed potatoes, brown rice or a side of veggies.

4.) Slow cooker quinoa chicken chili

Chili is always a comfort food for the chilly winter weather. This recipe from Honey, Ghee & Me is a healthified runny chili with protein from black beans and quinoa. If you want an extra helping of nutrition this season, try this one out.

5.) Cranberry meatballs & cranberry BBQ sauce

Cranberries and meatballs, who knew? Thoughtful Cave Dad certainly did. The meatballs are made of ground turkey, Italian sausages, and veggies so it's a bit healthier than outright using pork.

6.) Roasted red pepper and tomato soup with swirly basil oil

If you want easy and comforting, try this recipe from What I Gather. According to the author, the soup is thick and chunky and the combination of red pepper and sun dried tomato tastes divine.

7.) Homemade dulce de leche

Winter isn't great without a hot drink or two so if you're looking for new ways to make eggnogs or hot cocoa more delicious, try this recipe from Gluten-Free Slow Cooking. The great thing about dulce de leche is that it can be added to various dishes and desserts and it can easily be made in your crock pot.

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