How Latino Trainers Stay Fit; Check out the Details Here!

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Jan 07, 2016 06:14 AM EST

Latino fitness trainers have physiques to die for. Here we reveal some of their secrets to staying fit.

1.    Exercise with your loved ones

Ruben Belliard says holidays are times when you can bond and have fun with your family and friends. On Latina, he suggests creating obstacle courses.

"Obstacle courses can also be easy DIY activities to do with friends, family, and even children during the holidays—not to mention a great bonding activity when family is in town," Belliard says during the interview.

Designing an obstacle course can be as easy as using an old hula hoop or going to a nearby park and using some of the playground's equipment as part of the course. The Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creator and fitness trainer says it's a great way to get both your mind and body involved.

2.    Watch your portion size

Ary Nuñez is the trainer behind Rihanna's rocking body. In an interview with Fox News, Nuñez reveals what makes eating Latino food tempting.

"Latino food is rich and full of flavor. We don't need as much to get full."

Nuñez suggests watching your portions but not to point that you are counting calories or working out more to make up for food binges.

Loving yourself and your body is the trainer's main philosophy. Nuñez adds, "Stay curvy, but also tight."

3.    Balance diet and exercise

Unlike other celebrities, Longoria does not need to hire a personal trainer. Health Fitness Revolution says the 'Desperate Housewives' stunner has a major in kinesiology and experience working as a personal trainer.

Longoria believes that the key to keeping fit is all about finding the right balance between a healthy diet and exercise.

According to the fitness publication, a Latin-American celebrity goes out to exercise for at least an hour, three times a week. Her workout involves a combination of hiking, running, kickboxing, and yoga.

When it comes to food, she eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, yogurt, and nuts.

4.    Mix up your routines

Lalo Fuentes is the fitness trainer behind the actress Shannon Elizabeth and TV personality Ines Ferre. To keep your workouts fun and exciting, he advises traveling around and filling your days with different activities.

As the founder of Lifestyle Fitness Vacations, Fuentes tells the Latina publication that he doesn't believe in doing the same workouts every day. Instead, he suggests going to different locations, enjoying the local food while paddle boarding or sailing.

"If we are sailing in Italy, we want you to try a nice glass of wine or the best gelato in town."

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