Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Rumors: Is the Duchess of Cambridge Furious Over Social Media Pictures? [Photo]

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Jan 11, 2016 08:18 AM EST

According to reports, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is mad about the photo posted on social media by none other than the Buckingham Palace. There are speculations that the photo is a mockery of Middleton's rumored few plastic surgery operations, Celeb Dirty Laundry reported.

The Duchess of Cambridge did not think of it as a compliment from the people of the palace but, rather, an insult. One more thing that made her furious is they pick the best date to ridicule her looks, on her 34th birthday. She may have thought that they could have posted a much better picture of her and not one that emphasizes how old she looks.

The photo was captioned with "Wishing The Duchess of Cambridge @KensingtonRoyal a very happy birthday! #HappyBirthdayHRH."

Although the speculations about her being furious because of the photo are everywhere, there are fans that thought the pictures were cute and adorable. Middleton is seen smiling in the photo, which was taken when she was still a schoolgirl, next to another photo of her, which is recently taken.

There are also reports that Prince William himself is already worried about Middleton's series of plastic surgery procedures to fix some of her imperfections. There are rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge is preparing herself for an alleged April coronation, according to a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Nobody really knows the truth about the whole plastic surgery speculations and, if these were all real, the people at the palace should be one of the few to know about it.

Meanwhile, Middleton's 34th birthday will be held at her home in Norfolk, England with Prince William. The Royal family has not made announcement about the Duchess' birthday plans; however, they said in a statement that it will definitely be a private celebration with the whole family, according to a report by the Daily Star.

Kate's siblings, James and Pippa Middleton are back in England now after spending a vacation in St. Barts last Thursday. They are just in time for the Duchess Birthday party.

There are no reports if the Queen and Prince Charles are invited to her birthday celebration. Nevertheless, Middleton has maintained a good relationship with the family of Prince William over the years that they have been together. There are rumors that indicate tensions between her and the people from the Buckingham Palace, but no one had ever made any comment with regard to that.

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