5 Awesome Wearables That Aren't Smartwatches

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Jan 18, 2016 05:49 AM EST

Move over smartwatch; there are new wearables in town. Here are five incredible devices that don't involve wearing a band around your wrist.

1. OMBra

The first wearable designed specifically for women, the OMBra is the brainchild of OMSignal. Forbes says this high-tech underwear tracks basics such as the heart rate, calories burned and distance travelled.

What makes this device unique is that it also tracks the user's breathing patterns, level of fatigue and even effort levels. The initial bra with hardware costs $150 while additional pieces can be ordered at $60 each.

Tom Emrich, a Toronto writer tells The Star that the OMBra is the first wearable where the developers are integrating technology into clothing that people commonly use.

2. Quell

NeutroMetrix' device is designed to alleviate pain without using drugs. According to Information Week, it contains an accelerometer which tracks the user's activity level.

The Quell Relief website says the device is worn below the knee. With a touch of a button, the device can block pain receptors, preventing the user from experiencing pain.

Quell also tracks your sleeping patterns which it sends via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. It is now available on their website and over the counter for $250.

3. Digitsole

Keep your toes warm and toasty even during the coldest of winters with a pair of Digitsole shoes. The Star says the temperature on these self-tying footwear can be adjusted using your phone's app.

The Digitsole comes in a wide variety of designs including a futuristic pair of Air Jordans and heeled shoes. Coming sometime in Fall 2016, a pair of these sci-fi sneakers will set consumers back by $450.

4. OvulaRing

For women, you can find out when you are most fertile and likely to conceive a child with the OvulaRing. As detailed by the health care publication Information Week, the device is inserted in the vagina and keeps track of the body's core temperature throughout the woman's menstrual cycle.

Although the device is already approved by the European CE, VivoSensMedical GmbH is still applying for FDA approval. The device will be sold at approximately $276 for a three-month pack while the annual package costs $520.

5. UV Patch

Another medical wearable that is set to hit the market is the UV Patch. Designed by L'Oreal, Fortune says this skin sensor measures the amount of ultraviolet light your skin receives.

Measuring approximately a square inch on all sides, the patch will be available in stores under the brand La Roche-Posay. According to the source, the patch will be free to consumers.

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