Charlie Sheen HIV Update: Australian Doctor Practicing in Mexico Discusses Goat Milk as Treatment for the Infection

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Feb 01, 2016 04:30 AM EST

The Australian doctor who treated Charlie Sheen's HIV in Mexico finally talked about his procedure in a TV interview. Telling Bill Maher on his show "Real Time With Bill Maher," Dr. Samir Chachoua claims his goat milk HIV treatment actually works.

Gawker reported that Chachoua said his treatment comes from arthritic goats, which carry the Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus or CAEV virus. The doctor also claimed Sheen became "the first adult in history to go HIV negative" after undergoing his treatment, and that he has "cured countries" with his methods.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) describes CAEV as a lentivirus that belongs to the same Retroviridae family as AIDS. It may cause arthritis, pneumonia, mastitis, weight loss and encephalitis among goats, and there are no vaccines to treat this disease.

It should be recalled that Sheen disclosed to "The Dr. Oz Show" that he sought Chachoua's help while he was seeking alternative treatments for his HIV positive diagnosis. The actor had been taking HIV medications but stopped due to side effects like diarrhea and migraines. However, after going through Chachoua's treatment, Sheen was disappointed to learn his HIV numbers had gone up.

"I got some results that I was disappointed about. I had been nondetectable, nondetectable and checking the blood every week and then found out the numbers are back up," Sheen said, Latinos Health previously reported. Sheen told Dr. Oz that he has gone back to drinking his original medications since.

Chachoua counterclaimed the actor's declaration by saying that Sheen was actually feeling better under his care. "All these side effects disappeared the minute he started my therapy and the minute he started my therapy, his liver went to normal levels," the doctor stressed to Maher.

So sure was Chachoua of his methods that he claimed to have injected Sheen's HIV positive blood. He also said that the charts used on "The Dr. Oz Show" where the charts from his goat milk HIV treatment, but this was not revealed in the episode.

Deadline reported that AIDS and gay rights activists are shunning Chachoua's statements in the interview, while criticizing Maher and HBO for indulging the doctor. "This is the last thing AIDS activists need to be dealing with right now. But we'll have to, because I know for sure that some folks will end up dead because of all this," said Peter Staley of the Treatment Action Group.

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