Chris Brown vs Nia Guzman: Singer Gave Daughter Asthma For Weed Smoking? Brown Slams Baby Mama's Claims

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Feb 02, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Nia Guzman is accusing singer Chris Brown of giving their one year old daughter, Royalty, asthma. The model claims that the singer's tobacco and weed smoking habit triggered the asthma attacks, TMZ reported.

Guzman allegedly filed court papers requesting judges to cut Brown's visitation rights. She claimed that, when their daughter returns home after visiting her father, the child usually smells of smoke. Guzman also fears Brown is back to his addiction.

TMZ further reported that Guzman is asking the judges to order Brown to have a full-time nanny for Royalty. She wants Brown to subject himself to random drug testing as well as stop his vices when the toddler is in his care. She is also filing for additional child support from $2,500 monthly to $16,000.

Daily Mail reported that the singer lashed back at his former lover with an Instagram post. "I quit cigarettes on New Year's. NO ONE smokes around my daughter," Brown allegedly wrote, but that post has since been deleted.

Brown also stated that this is only Guzman's ploy to get more money from him. "I take care of my daughter and I would never ever put her in a position that will harm her," the singer said.

The "Run It" singer doesn't seem worried the judge could grant Guzman her petition as he sounded confident his daughter is doing alright under his care. "My daughter is the youngest in her class and the most advanced," said Brown, per The Hamilton Spectator. "My mother and I have made sure my daughter is constantly learning and being creative as well as her safety."

Back in September, TMZ also reported that Guzman and Brown were able to agree and settle the terms of Royalty's custody. The child would be staying for 12 days in a month at her father's house without any court supervision and Guzman would receive $2,500 monthly for child support. Brown would also be responsible for paying Royalty's education and medical needs as well as nanny care.

Guzman and Brown have been friends for years before the model became pregnant with his baby. At that time, Brown was still dating Karrueche Tran who was also friends with Guzman, Hollywood Life reported. Tran broke up with Brown after learning about the baby and Guzman's husband, Terry Amey, also divorced her.

"It ain't going to take a rocket science to figure that out. I got a divorce because Nia got pregnant by someone else," Amey told Radar Online.

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