8 Tips for Good Dental Hygiene & Health

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Feb 02, 2016 04:30 AM EST

It goes without saying that regularly brushing your teeth is part of good dental hygiene and health. However, you can do more to take care of your teeth. Below are some tips:

1) Dental hygiene and care should begin early. As soon as the child's first tooth erupts, caring for the teeth immediately begins, Web MD cited. At this point, simply wiping the tooth with damp cloth will do and by the time the child is 2-years old, she should be taught to brush her teeth.

2) Limit intake of sugary foods and drinks. This way, you reduce the chance for cavities to develop. Take note that even cough drops contain sugar that can cause tooth decay, U.S. News informed. Brushing your teeth is imperative when you love sweets.

3) Don't forget to drink water. It will help wash down food debris and keep your mouth from drying so bacteria doesn't dwell in it. Some water contain fluoride that helps keep teeth stronger, so drink as often as possible.

4) Get in the habit of flossing. It might be a chore, but you'll be glad to keep doing it. Flossing removes food particles that may be lodged in the teeth, which a brushing cannot clean off. Arrows Mile Dental recommended flossing once a day.

5) Limit coffee, tea and alcohol. Apart from high sugar content, these drinks also contain high amounts of phosphorous that can reduce calcium nutrients in the body. Thus, it will weaken your teeth. These drinks also cause teeth staining, dulling and discoloration. ABC News reported that, even if you bleach, your teeth could still lose its pearly white shine if you keep drinking these.

6) Don't use your teeth as tools. Never use your teeth to open bottles or rip off a bag of chips when you can use scissors or bottle openers. You're likely to fracture your teeth this way and the condition could worsen over time. In the same manner, resist biting your nails out of habit. Use proper tools to cut it short, such as a nail cutter.

7) Avoid chewing ice. Also, carefully chew any hard food you have to eat, such as nuts. If you're not careful, it could lead to breakage, jaw pain and tooth sensitivity.

8) Visit your dentist at least twice a year. Too often, dental check-ups only happen when you're toothache is bad or when you have to get a dental filling. However, regular dental visits will help detect and prevent problems early on. If not to get treatment, go to the clinic to get a dental prophylaxis. It's also a preventive measure against gingivitis.

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