Health Tips From the Top Five Fittest Latin Celebrities

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Feb 12, 2016 11:00 AM EST

These Latin celebrities have taken control over their minds and bodies to be at their optimum best. So, get inspired with five of Latin's fittest celebrities:

Demi Lovato

According to Health Fitness Revolution, the father of American actress-singer is of Mexican and Spanish descent. Her physical routine includes exercising five to six days a week mostly for peace of mind. She focuses more on cardio, strength and core training with her personal trainer Joey Rubino. She's into boot camps and kickboxing.

According to Fitness Mag, she embraces her imperfections with years battling bulimia, self-harm and addiction. She may have recovered mostly by working out; she still faces struggles with eating habits but has learned to eat three healthy meals a day.

Moreover, she follows a nutrition plan that involves juicing daily. She advocates for young girls with body issues.

Eva Longoria

According to Health Fitness, the American actress is of Tejano descent. Live Strong added that a diet low in sugar and carbohydrates with routine exercise mostly accounted for her trim figure. Longoria says she prefers cooking her own food using organic ingredients. She eats plenty of fruits, lean proteins, vegetable, yogurt and nuts.

She uses her experience and knowledge as a personal trainer to stay fit. She works out at least 3 days a week for an hour. She's into hiking, kickboxing, running, and yoga. One of her cheat days includes a pizza once a week.

Eva Mendes

The Cuban-American actress says that exercise is a big stress reliever and admits that it's not always easy to go to the gym, reports Popsugar. She works out three to four times a week which involves elliptical and circuit training.

She also runs four to five times a week and is quite happy to head out solo although she prefers to run alongside her dog Hugo. She also does a lot of yoga. She isn't keen on losing her shape, rather she actually wants to emphasize her curves.

While Mendes enjoys an occasional indulgence, she eats a lot of fish and brown rice regularly.

Jennifer Lopez

The American actress has Puerto Rican parents. She does power yoga and Pilates. Her work includes cardio and muscular structure with resistance training every week, according to Fitness Mag.

Also, she follows the Tracy Anderson Method in toning her body. She is committed to herself; hitting the gym even if she feels otherwise. She believes more in toning than losing weight.

For her diet, she consumes a lot of protein including turkey, grilled chicken, salmon fillets and non-fat cottage cheese. She also follows a sugar and salt-free diet, according to Popsugar.

Jessica Alba

The American actress and model has a Father of Mexican descent, reports Health Fitness. She mostly does yoga, CrossFit and boot camps. Her personal trainer is Ramona Braganza.

Jessica seemed to have tried every fitness fad however she admits she's into power yoga. She also enjoys dance and cycling classes.

She prefers to eat organic produce, the report added. She also drinks lots of water. She also makes it a habit to whip up smoothies for her and her kids every morning, People reports.

Check out the Tracy Anderson workout that J.Lo is following:

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