7 Personal Grooming Products You Should Splurge On

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Feb 12, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Stocking on personal grooming products and tools is a matter of preference. But, it's better to splurge on some products to reap the most benefits from it. Below are seven grooming products to splurge on:

1) Electric Shaver

For men, owning a good and expensive electric shaver is recommended as this can be a time saver and will help cut down on grooming rituals. Full-featured electric shavers are more efficient too as it can in offer clean and precise shaves, according to Esquire.

2) Anti-aging cream

Buy an anti-aging cream with a good formula, preferably one that contains retinoid, vitamin E, vitamin C and silk peptide, per Cosmopolitan. Your skin needs to regenerate and heal every night and the active ingredients from good anti-aging cream can seep deeper in the skin to penetrate the collagen and boost its elasticity and strength.

3) Brush and blow dryer

You avoid hair damage if you have better tools like a good brush and a more expensive blow dryer. A good brush offers better control when you're grooming your hair, while a full-featured blow dryer -- whose settings and air pressure can be adjusted -- can properly dry the hair without turning it dull or dry, according to Style Girlfriend.

4) Eye creams

Not everyone is used to applying eye creams but splurging on this product can do wonders to refresh tired puffy eyes in just half an hour. You'll look more attractive, awake and alive if you use eye creams nightly.

5) Deodorant

If you shave your armpits, you're likely to develop ingrown hair due to the razor blades. But, if you use a better-formulated but slight expensive deodorant, you'll still get great underarm protection without the sting and the bumps. Some cheaper deodorants lose their strength in a matter of hours and can also lead to dark spots. It's better to avoid those and go with higher-priced brands.

6) Exfoliator

Marie Claire cited that exfoliating your face once or twice a week is important to skin care. It helps remove dead skin cells, thus renewing your skin so that it is less flaky and dry. Because exfoliators have chemicals, it's better to buy one that will penetrate on the pores well and remove oil buildup. Look for a formula that contains glycolic and lactic acid for best results.

7) Foundation and face powder

While it's tempting to purchase department or drug store foundation for its availability and price, cheap formulas may not go well with your skin and you could risk ending up with an orange face. Well-made foundation and face powder should give you flawless looking skin that won't require any filter or Photoshop anymore, according to Real Simple.

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