Diabetic Diet Friendly Dates: 5 Ways to Achieve it

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Feb 15, 2016 11:00 AM EST

Adding a little touch of sweetness on your romantic date does not necessarily mean you can't go without those sugar-loaded meals. For those with partners who are suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar levels, here are five diabetic-friendly date ideas.

Try Low-Sugar Picnic Basket Items

Debora Nagata, a diabetes educator at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Centre in Santa Monica, recommends going out for an outdoor activity and a picnic date afterwards instead of the usual dinner dates at a fancy restaurant.

You and your partner can go on a hike or vigorous walk at the park. And for the picnic part, you can prepare foods like a low-fat cheese, olives, fresh vegetables with a raita Indian yogurt dip, nuts, hummus, antipasto salad, sliced apple, smoked salmon or low-sodium, low-fat sliced turkey and a bottle of sparkling water, says HealthDay.

"You could even include a small glass of red wine," Nagata said in a UCLA news release. "Be sure to have food with your wine as alcohol can initially increase your blood sugar, but then it can cause a drop, or hypoglycaemia."

Go for Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a popular present men give to their dates. For those with diabetic partners, these sweet treats may seem like a bad idea. But not all chocolates are bad for you, says SymptomFind.

The dark chocolate, for instance, is packed with antioxidants that are good for your health. The trick is to look for those products with high cocoa content but contains low amounts of sugar and fat. 

Sugar-Free Ice Cream for Dessert

There is nothing better than to cap off a good meal with some tasty treat for dessert. A lot of people with problems on their blood sugar levels skip the dessert part of a meal altogether because of the notion that there's a lot of sugar that goes along with it.

But, nowadays, many of the ice cream brands are recognizing the need to offer a sugar-free option for those who are suffering from diabetes. So, you can now enjoy a sugar-free ice cream after your meal. Just make sure to resist those additional chocolate sprinkles and other sweet toppings.

Prepare No-Bake Cookies

For those looking for a light snack to munch on their date, this no-bake chocolate cookie recipe is ideal for you. You can prepare this recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings minus the carbs. Each serving contains just 11 grams of carbs for your diabetic partner to enjoy. Here's the full recipe courtesy of DiabeticConnect.

Opt for Lower GI Foods

Whenever you choose to invite your partner over at your place for some romantic dinner date, prepare those lower GI foods for your menu. Instead of white rice or white rice bread, for instance, go for Basmati or whole-grain rice, or whole grain bread sandwiches.

Instead of serving your partner with cola or fruit juice, just go for a glass of water. And, rather than sweet treat on the table, prepare raw vegetable sticks with cheese or fruits with low GI, says BBC Good Food.

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