'No Man's Sky' PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date & Trailer: Title Coming With a $60 Price Tag [Rumors]

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Feb 15, 2016 05:31 AM EST

Avid fans and new gamers alike are anxiously waiting for the release of the new "No Man's Sky" video game on various consoles. There have already been several rumors and speculations with regard to its release and storyline but fans are still waiting for any word from the game developer.

This highly-anticipated game was previously announced by the game publisher Hello Games in 2013. Almost three years have passed and fans are still waiting for it to come out.

According to Christian Today, the game developer will put a price tag of at least $60 on "No Man's Sky" once it comes out in the market.

Fans are starting to feel disappointed about the delay but it seems like Hello Games and Sony are slowly building up the hype for the game before they decide to make a release. This absolutely makes sense especially with the competition today, game publishers and developers are pretty wary about putting up a new game on the market without marketing it properly.

Fans may also find the $60 price tag a bit steep; however, critics believe that this won't matter because the game will be successful once it comes out regardless of the pricing. They believe that the advanced features of the new game will overshadow its actual price.

It is also reported that all version for various consoles will have the same price tag.

Meanwhile, Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, teased fans during his interview with IGN. He said that there will be varieties of stars and planet on the game. They will come from all sizes and colors.

"Factions will become friends with you if you help them out," Murray said about what fans will expect from the game. "Maybe by defending them against an attack from a warring faction or a pirate attack. Perhaps if you're attacked and they're around, they'll come and help you in return, or maybe they'll give you preferential treatment as a trader."

It seems like every year since the game was announced in 2013 there are conflicting rumors of its release. However, 2016 might just be the best time for the company to finally schedule a big release because of the anticipation that has been building up for almost three years.

"No Man's Sky" will be available on PS4, XBOX One and PC. Although there is still no official announcement, PC Advisor reported that the game may not be released at the same time on all consoles.

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