Selena Gomez still loves Justine Bieber but can't handle his attitude?

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Nov 13, 2016 08:41 PM EST

People cannot just seem to move on in the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez relationship. But has the couple really moved on?

The 24-year-old star is still under the rehab treating her depression, anxiety and panic attacks at the Tennessee rehabilitation center. With regard to her health issues, Selena Gomez's grandfather Ricardo said, "She was under a lot of pressure from work and was worrying about Justin. The doctor told her she needed to take time out."

He added saying that his granddaughter works long hours every day and although she loves her work, it got too much. Grandpa Ricardo reminds Selena that, "Be yourself and don't let things get over your head.' But it would be hard for anyone. She's only human," he said.

Grandfather Ricardo was the one who raises Selena in her first four years of life. Selena's mom had to finish her studies as Selena is growing up. In a report, it has been said that Selena Gomez still loves Justin Bieber.

In an article by The Sun, grandfather Ricardo revealed that Selena still loves Justin. But, she  does not want to be with him because of the different behavior he has lately show. The family of Selena knows Justin since he started making his name in the industry. The family of Justin even thinks that Selena is a good influence to Justin. 

Reports regarding Justin Bieber visiting Selena have spread globally. But, there was never a concrete evidence or pictures that the alleged visit was true.

It has been known that Justin is already dating Sofia Richie and made it public last August while the two are in Japan. Bieber also threatened the fans to delete his account if the Selena fans would not stop hating Richie, according to Inquisitr.

Thus Selena reminded Bieber that the fans have been there since the beginning of his career.

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