Baron Trump Startling Personality: Discover 10- Year- Old First Boy of America

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Nov 15, 2016 11:09 AM EST

Barron Trump showed under spot lights at the night of election results. The 10 year old young child made till 3.00 AM to share the moments of victory with his father.

Barron jumped the boundaries of age and looked strikingly like his father with his interest in big issues like politics. He stood by Donald Trump at those historical moments.

His mother, Melania Trump calls him "My little Donald" because of his strong resemblance to his father both in personality and physique.

The Express reports that the young boy did not make into media until the night of election's result announcement.

Barron was born just a year after the marriage of Donald with Melania. Since his early childhood he lives in Trump Tower, New York. The child has a whole floor to his access where he lives and practices life with his own set of thoughts and activities.

Barron is bilingual! A fact that thwarts the theories which go for declaring him autistic! The child speaks Slovenian with his mother and grandparents while he is fluent in English, too because he attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, in Manhattan.  

"Sometimes we play together and build cities or airports using Magna Tiles and Legos. He builds big projects," said his mother highlighting the "builder" in his personality.

Telegraph reports that Barron Trump is obsessed with helicopters, another fact reflecting child's resemblance to his father who owns one worth $7million.  

Barron has multiple activities to go innovative. He creates art work, builds new projects and spends time with the family. He is said to know exactly what he wants.

Since 1963 White House has been sheltering first daughters. But with the unexpected victory of Donald Trump, this 10 year old America's independent, opinionated and strong-minded first boy is going to start new history in the White House.  

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