Lee Min-Ho hopes 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' surpasses 30% ratings

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Nov 17, 2016 05:48 AM EST

"The Legend Of The Blue Sea" is the latest television drama comeback of Lee Min Ho. His last appearance in a TV series was in "Heirs" back in 2013.

Three years had passed since his last small-screen appearance, the Korean heartthrob was asked how he feels about his comeback in his interviews. "I'm nervous and excited to see how everyone will respond to it," the actor revealed.

Lately, the actor has discussed his upcoming show via V Live. He exposed the motivational factor behind why he decided to do a TV return. According to him, a great influence of his comeback was "ParkJinJun." Lee Min Ho was citing to writer Park Ji Eun, director Jin Hyuk, and actress Jun Ji Hyun.

The "Bounty Hunters," 29-year-old actor, likewise, disclosed his working experience with co-star Jun Ji Hyun. He said, "I like her a lot. But we didn't get close right away... At first, I was uncomfortable, but fortunately, while we were going abroad and back to shoot overseas, we got really close. We've become friends to the point we'd laugh just by looking at each other."

According to allkpop, during a press conference on November 14 for the "The Legend of the Blue Sea," Lee Min Ho's co-star Jun Ji Hyun released a statement. She told the press, "I worked well with writer Park Ji Eun for 'You Who Came From the Stars,' and had high expectations for working with her again this time."

"I thought of Lee Min Ho as a good actor, and think this was a good opportunity because I got to work with him this time," she added.

Moreover, Lee Min Ho also verbalized his positiveness regarding "The Legend Of The Blue Sea." He then hopes to obtain excellent ratings from the viewers. I'm wishing for over 30% ratings from the fans. It would be nice if we acquired at least 12 to 13% for our initial broadcast, the actor said.

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