Korean Superstars Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun stars in the much awaited drama series about mermaids

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Nov 17, 2016 01:48 PM EST

One of the most popular mermaids is Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid," who apparently dissolved into sea foam upon the waves with a broken heart, or Disney's red-haired character Ariel. However, in just a few days, a new mermaid will add to fans' excitement.

"The Legend Of The Blue Sea", the newest Korean drama series that will hit primetime television, stars Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho.

Lead star Jun Ji Hyun talked about her unique character in the series and how different it was from her past roles. During the press conference for her newest drama, the Korean actress explained how different her new character Sim Chung is from her role from her previous drama, "My Love From The Stars," reported iTech Post.

"Because mermaids are not a common topic in Korean films and dramas, my character feels more refreshing. It's exciting to think that I can show more things," Jun Ji Hyun explained. "She's different from Cheon Song Yi. I know that a lot of people are expecting a character that is beyond Cheon Song Yi."

The actress also talked about how her character adjusted to a whole new different world in "The Legend Of The Blue Sea." "Everything is new to the mermaid," Jun Ji Hyun added.

"There are situations that happen when the mermaid encounters new things, and viewers will be able to feel a different kind of enjoyment and see a different role when they see how the mermaid accepts these things. There are also a lot of scenes that take place underwater."

According to Korea Times, Jin Hyuk, director of "The Legend of the Blue Sea," SBS's most anticipated fantasy romance drama, says various documents in Korean history mention mermaids.

"We have our own ancient mermaid stories. The drama has been created from the imagination of one of those surviving mermaids just walked into the modern day Seoul one day," Jin also said during the press conference in southern Seoul, Monday.

"Screenwriter Park Ji-Eun and I have teamed up to make a warm, sad and beautiful love story, perfect to tell in the winter."

Catch Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho on "The Legend Of The Blue Sea" as it airs every Wednesday and Thursday starting on November 16.

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