No Thanksgiving for Brad with kids; Is Pitt and Jolie are at risk of another shocking trauma?

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Dec 01, 2016 03:32 PM EST

What can be worse for a father than being away from his kids on Thanksgiving? As for Brad Pitt the distance was terrible because he is split from his family by divorce and cannot have the things in his own way like a dad!

Despite reports that Angie had contacted Brad to spend the Thanksgiving with the kids, he spent it away from them at Turks and Caicos with friends. A close resource to Brad added that he was sad and frustrated.

To some speculators it seems that the pack of six had not wanted Brad around on Thanksgiving. The kids had their Thanksgiving family dinner with their Mom in quite atmosphere.  

If that had been the case, the situation would have been extremely upsetting for Brad. Angelina Jolie could have invited Brad to come and spend the family dinner with kids on Thanksgiving but she didn't, reports Perez Hilton.

It seems that once a happy family is now vulnerable to more splits and emotional traumas as the mother of Pax is going to be released from jail and she wishes to reunite with her son.

On the other hand Maddox's biological parents are also expected to trying to take their son back as they both are alive. Maddox was bought by a crook agent from his mother who sold him for only USD 100, reports HNGN.

Both Pax and Maddox are loved equally by the Brangelinas and the thought of being torn from these both is the most terrible ever situation to imagine for both.

Brad Pitt and Angelina were most likely supposed to put behind the bitterness of the past events and spend the Thanksgiving with the kids.

 With the upcoming Christmas Holidays, the eyes are fixed on the split couple how they would chose tp spend the time in regard to their six kids.

Pitt has not yet decided where he and his kids would love to spend the Christmas Holidays. Apparently, the hunky actor needs this issue with their therapist first. But that would not happen intil the holidays really draw near.

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