The Death of Goku, The Shocking Aftermath of “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 71

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Dec 21, 2016 04:35 AM EST

After a few comedic episodes here and there, "Dragon Ball Super" returns with a much darker tone. A character known as 'Hit' comes to Earth to kill Goku. 'Hit' made his debut at the "Universe 6 " story arc, where he went face to face with Goku the first time. This assassination attempt seems to be successful though, where Goku went down straight after Hit knocks Goku down with his technique, which could stop the heart from beating with only a single punch. Much with everyone expected, Goku's not dead. It's shown on the preview for the 72nd episode. The episode aired at  December 17 2016. 

This story between Goku and Hit is expected to be 2 episodes long as told by Blasting News. Which some of the upcoming episodes will involve Gohan. the episode shows that even in his 'Super Saiya Blue' form, Goku can't match Hit's speed. The conflict later ended up with Goku lying down on the ground, surrounded with Gohan and Piccolo.

According from a report from the Inquisitr, This episode is expected to be the build-up for the upcoming 'Universe Survival' saga starting from episode 77. This arc is supposedly the best arc yet according to the report. With speculations floating around about who and why Hit wants to assassinate Goku is still a huge question mark.

Meanwhile, GamenGuide provides a few suggestions about the following episodes. Episode 72 is expected to be Goku's turn to return the favor to Hit, as a thrilling confrontation between those two will be much anticipated by the audience. And the titles for episodes 73 and 74 is released. Episode 73 will be titled 'Gohan Will be Adapted into a Movie' slated for January 8 2017 release. While episode 74 titles 'For The Sake of That Which (he) Loves' will be released on January 15 2017.

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