'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’ News And Spoilers: First Free DLC Pack Is Currently Available For Download

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Dec 22, 2016 10:27 PM EST

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" has got its initial free DLC pack and presently on hand for download. The DLC pack was presented alongside with a latest trailer highlighting two new characters.

According to Latin Post, PlayStation affirmed that Bandai Namco lastly delivered the primary DLC pack which has no charge.

It promotes five new Dragon Ball commanders such as Android 16, Bardock, Cooler, Whis, and Future Gohan. These commanders were formerly limited to European VIP game.

DLC arrives to be the newborn captain for gamers gathering latest abilities from it. It, likewise, brings-in new highlights such as five attacks, three Parallel Quests, two costumes, five Super Souls, and two emotes.

In accordance with Yibada, the new free DLC features two new playable characters such as the Emperor of Universe 6 named Frost. It is a similar race of the Emperor of Universe 7 known as Frieza. The second race is the Saiyan of Universe 6 from Planet Sadal termed Cabbe.

The video initially presents completion form of Frost together with his moves and hidden techniques in contrast to Son Goku. He also reveals his confidential fighting tools that he utilized against a poison character.

In the second segment of the video, Cabbe presents with his moves and techniques as well as his battle against Vegeta. He also reveals his Super Saiyan style applying it to achieve superiority against his enemies.

The gamers are able to acquire the component from the Super Pack 1 with the Season Pass, or they can simply buy it separately. The standalone content is amounting to $9.99, Season Pass, on the other hand, can be bought at $29.99.

The latest DLC is the number one among the four planned DLC packs. It can be retailed individually for "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" which comprises playable characters, episodes and quests, masters and masters' quests. It includes stages, skills, costumes, and accessories as well. These components are all new.

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