With Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Death of Note Line Almost Certain

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Dec 28, 2016 06:30 AM EST

After facing vocal lashes for technological incompetency in Samsung Note 7, rumors were ripe that Samsung will discontinue Note production. Those reports received a fresh lease of life from recent Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak.

Reports from across the world had suggested earlier that Samsung is all set to dissolve the line between Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note. A line of distinction between the two is actually their screen size. The screen size of Galaxy S is relatively small than Galaxy Note.

According to Indian Express report, Galaxy S7 had a 5.5-inch display and Note 7 had a 5.7-inch display. In addition to the noticeable screen size, the two had a very shallow difference between them. And almost can be regarded as twin sisters.

But that Line now seems to fade away, at least that's how the reports in Forbes go. Samsung Galaxy S8 will get a new refurbish that will make it more a substitute for Galaxy Note because Samsung is all set to equip S8 with a 5-inch display and S8 Plus with a 6-inch display.

Users will get to enjoy the larger screen with smoothly curved build-up, making it more trendy and smooth. In reaction to the appreciation curved display received, and seeing that every major Smart-Phone company is going curved display way, Samsung has decided to fashion curved display for both S8 and S8 Plus.

At surface increase in screen size by Samsung may appear insignificant but deep down the move; it has a tale to tell. Samsung has always maintained a vivid line between Note and Galaxy S. Why is it then that Samsung is deliberately erasing that Note line and paving the way for rumors about Samsung forsaking Note line more certain!

As is clear that S8 Plus will have screen size more than Note, also due to the diminishing image of Note in the electronic market, one can only assume there is going to be no Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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