‘Alien Ships’ Travelled The Sky: Triangle UFO Sightings Unveiled The Fact

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Dec 28, 2016 11:11 AM EST

Once again the UFO covered the headlines of the discussion. This time people on earth from various locations have witnessed triangle UFO sightings. Even the most interesting part is the existence of alien ships.

Last month several reports regarding the presence of the UFOs in the sky created a lot of hullabaloos. Currently, on December 21 the people of Chebba and Tennessee have witnessed the 'Alien Ships'.

Sources have unveiled that MUFON, the famous US-based UFO Network have already recorded and collected information on several alien ships.

So far MUFON has witnessed 21 UFO sightings in the last three weeks. Last month reports related to UFO came from Columbus, Ohio. Later reports regarding the triangle UFO sightings came from various locations.

Witnesses from Illinois, Nevada, Los Angeles and some other locations reported similar facts. Some witnesses believe that the large triangular object must be the alien ships and the aliens are trying to establish contact with this planet.

Several analysts have opined differently. The express.co.uk reported that according to the famous forensic UFO investigator, Scott Brando there is no such thing like the triangle UFOs.

He believes that the UFO sightings are not at all related to the aliens. Scott Brando further added that the large ships can be misidentified military planes or they can be Chinese lanterns.

Though information collected from the witnesses bears a different meaning. Most of the people who have experienced the phenomenon told that the ship was too large compared to any military plane. Most interesting part is the speed of the ship.

The ship was too big and it moved very fast maintaining a low altitude.

Some witnesses have also shared their strange experiences with MUFON.

A person from Chebba, Tennessee said that a strange feeling occurred to him when he saw the flying object. He felt like he was dragged into it.

Another report received by MUFON revealed that Elk Grove from California also witnessed a flying triangle on December 18. He even revealed that the triangular shape moving ship appeared in the sky with thin dim lines formed the triangular shape. Even the ship was equipped with halos on the corners.  

INQUISITR cited another interesting fact. A witness from Jerseyville, Illinois also provided the similar description to the National UFO Reporting Center (UNFORC).

The witness uttered that he was coming from his work and suddenly saw a fast moving large object in the sky. The object was too massive to be a military aircraft.

After all these discussions one thing can be easily said that human nature always hunts for new and surprising things. UFO is one such surprising as well as an interesting thing. The presence of the triangle UFO sightings unveiled a lot of new and unknown facts that should be studied continuously to discover unknown facts.

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