Singapore Preparing To Launch Nation Wide Action Plan To Curb Growing Bacterial Resistance Against Antibiotics

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Dec 29, 2016 07:54 AM EST

The growing resistance in bacteria against antibiotics is an international emergency, which has affected almost every country on the face of the earth. If left unchecked, it has quite a potential to produce dreadful results.

In order to address this lacerating health issue, Singapore has hinted at lighting the beacon at the earliest. According to The Straits Times, Singapore is preparing to lay down an exclusive nationwide program to deal with this growing threat.

As per the report, Health Ministry is collaborating with the National University of Singapore, Environment agency and Agri-Food and Veterinary Department for developing a feasible and technically advanced procedure that would help the Singapore government manage the threat linked with growing resistance in bacteria against antibiotics.

The action plan could include creating awareness among people about the use of antibiotics and to enhance the screening of their use. It has been seen that the casual intake of antibiotics is only making the bacteria more and more resistant to the same antibiotic, hence worsening the situation.

It is an interesting step taken by any country in the world because WHO has earlier hinted at inadequacy in the policy against the growing bacterial resistance. The World cannot afford a partial effort at this juncture of time, every country has to step forward wholeheartedly with a firm resolution to combat growing bacterial resistance, otherwise, we are up and heading towards much worse a scenario than this.

With antibiotic resistance continuously posing a serious threat to the world health, this move by Singapore government is worth appreciation, because the world community stance at large has always been nonserious one.

However, how far this program will go in tackling the menace and how this move by Singapore government will inspire other countries to take guard against the growing bacterial resistance, only time will tell.

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