Ariana Grande posts lengthy Twitter post about ‘being objectified’; says she’s ‘not a piece of meat’

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Dec 30, 2016 01:08 AM EST

Ariana Grande posted yet another feminist post on Twitter expressing how frustrated she is towards a fan who congratulated her boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller for having her as a girlfriend but at the same time pulling a sexist joke at her.

It started as a harmless interaction with a fan who saw her and Miller while they 'went up food.' The boy was so excited to see the celebrity pair that he ended up following them until they reach their car.

The problem, however, started when the fan got complimented the rapper for his having the singer as his girlfriend further saying that she is 'sexy as hell' and Miller is 'hitting that.'

As mentioned in Telegraph UK, the Side to Side singer particularly do not like the phrase 'hitting that' as it makes her feel 'sick and objectified.'

During the incident, Grande stayed quiet and feeling hurt in a corner unable to react to the fan who just pulled a sexist joke at her.

The singer then relate the situation to a more general situation that women have experienced, moments that bred fear and inadequacy among women.

She further went on to criticize how these phrases are indicative on how easy the society objectifies women and her as 'piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure.' 

Unfortunately, not all netizens agreed with Ariana Grande's feminist stance. Some even hit back blaming her provocative style in her videos and music to have created her sexual image, ET Online reported. 

This made the singer react more with her posting a series of tweets pointing out that sexuality in art is not enough reason for people to disrespect the artist and her choice of clothing is 'never an open invitation.'

The Into You singer has been known for being vocal about her thoughts and has been always keen on guarding her privacy particularly on the media's inquiry about her dating life.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer hit back at tabloids last year when they merely referred to her as 'male singers' possible love interests.'

It can also be remembered that Ariana Grande's interview with Ryan Seacrest earlier this year got heated up when the radio personality insisted that she shelled out information about her love life. 

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