Your Favourite Soap Can Ruin Your Sex Life!

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Dec 30, 2016 02:25 AM EST

Soaps have been one of the most common and unassuming part of people's daily lives. Entrusted with the hygiene routine their own effects are often overlooked. A recent study warns of a chemical which can potentially ruin a sex life.

CBS News reports Minnesota to be the first state to ban soaps containing triclosan; a common germ killer. The ban will take effect from January 1 and may prove to be a badly needed new year gift. This decision bolsters confidence in the federal governments announcement for a similar ban in September of this year to take effect in September 2017.

The chemical in question is already believed to have been dumped by the major soap manufacturers as can be seen from their new marketing moniker - Triclosan Free. Its a major change considering Triclosan was a common constituent of anti-bacterial soaps, deodorants and even some toothpastes!

Ever since studies claimed a connection between Triclosan and sex lives apart from affecting thyroid hormones, Scientists have been wary of its wide-spread usage. They believed its regular use helped in the growth of resistant bacteria.

According to The Guardian the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has listed down 19 chemicals including Triclosan commonly found in liquid soaps and Triclocarbon which is often found in bar soaps. The federal regulation implies on all soaps containing one or more of these harmful chemicals.

The concerned manufacturers are allotted an years time to roll back their products already selling in the market and to strictly ensure that the next batches of these products do not contain these chemicals.

It was way back in 2013 following the adverse results from researches when FDA proposed this kind of a rule for the first time. The manufacturers were requested to comply with the ongoing research but in all these three years the requests were largely ignored and hence there was the need of stricter action.

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