Zika and Opioid Make it to the Top Health News of 2016

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Jan 02, 2017 11:55 AM EST

It was not before the discovery of birth abnormality found in newborn Brazilian children that Zika virus blasted the whole world health community with a deafening bang. It inflicted every individual on the face of the earth with the worst and horrific nightmare beyond human forbearance.

The tragic atmosphere Zika virus brought with it and the ensuing gloom that engulfed the whole world after its outbreak; world health community took lesser time in recognizing the devastating potential of the disease and subsequently, without wasting any time labeled it the leading health issue way back in 2016. Now that we have gone past 2016, Zika virus emerged as the Top Health News of 2016.

A report published in HealthDay News makes us rewind the deadly scene where with each passing day the number of children inflicted with Zika virus (Zika inflicted children have little heads and retarded brains) increased at an alarming rate.

Doctors found the origin of Zika virus in the mosquito, which infected the pregnant women and passed on to her child. The threat from Zika still looms around; a lot of work has been done to prevent it at earliest but a lot more needs to be done.

Opioid also made it to the Top Health News of 2016. With the Opioid engineered death of music star Prince, many fingers were raised against the unhealthy consumption of Opioid by millions of Americans who are by now dangerously addicted to it.

Opioid consumption at such a large scale only added in worsening the health situation in America and it emerged as a never-ending epidemic which is engulfing more and more people day after day and making them fall into the trench wherefrom nothing but death permeates.

According to Pantagraph report, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have already ruled out deaddiction program to help addicted persons discontinue the consumption of deadly Opioid.

2016 had been a tough year when we consider health issues all over the world; we can only hope it gets better in 2017.

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