‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Investigation to go Public Soon:’ Samsung Expected to Release the Findings Somewhere in Middle of this Month

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Jan 03, 2017 12:53 PM EST

The entire Samsung user community is on its heels as Samsung is going to unveil the mysteries behind the explosions of its Galaxy Note 7, which dealt a severe blow to Smartphone giant. After an intensive homework by Samsung Company, it has been able to reach the conclusions about the probable causes pertaining to the explosions of Galaxy Note 7.

Earlier Samsung attributed the problem to a battery malfunction, however after battery substitution and subsequent redelivery of the Galaxy Note 7, nothing actually seemed to change and the phones continued to explode, hence making it dangerous to use.

Not taking the risk Samsung yanked out the Galaxy Note 7 from the Smartphone market at once. It was at that time that Samsung started working about the possible error that had converted Galaxy Note 7 into something really dangerous.

As reported in PhoneArena, all the homework has been completed and we can finally expect that our long-standing query will be answered shortly in coming days. We hope that Samsung will be able to address all the outstanding issues regarding the explosions and convince the consumer society beyond doubt.

By making the information public it can be said that Samsung will be trying its best to erase the stains which have marred its brand name ever since the events started unfolding the previous September. However, the information pertaining to the investigation is held with the top officials of the company only.

Another report in BGR suggests that it is not the one-factor disaster, but multiple factors are responsible for the explosions reported in Galaxy Note 7, which has put the customer reliance on Samsung at stake. Now by the revelation of the results extracted from the investigation, Samsung will not only make sure that such grave mistakes are not repeated in the future, also it will have to reaffirm its customer reliance as the trusted brand. 

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