Health Reforms May Be Obama's Legacy

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Jan 04, 2017 01:29 AM EST

Will the Republicans take away people's right to cheaper health care is a burning question in many American minds. During his tenure President Obama emphasized on affordability of medical treatment and termed it the right of every American citizen. Now with the power shifting in Republican hands, it seems Obamacare will be oust.

During Obama's Presidential tenure as reported by New York Times, the Affordable Care Act enabled the government to experiment with new models of care. The administration made reforms in the health sector to enable people from various segment of the society to afford cancer care, heart surgery, primary care, and other services covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

The Republicans have always criticized these efforts lamenting that it was actually threatening the quality of medical attention by undermining the authority in charge's power to take decisions. More than 170 Republicans from the house had signed a petition to cease this effort by the Obama government.

Some doctors are of the opinion that the main problem of this system is that there is not enough power in the hands of the doctors, rather they are at the mercy of the patients who at times are not following their prescribed medicines even after being treated by the best in healthcare.

In these cases if the doctor is to be blamed then it might leave the medical practitioners in a bad taste, which in turn might affect the quality of the services provided under Obamacare. Also in the case of surgeries like knee and hip replacements, the doctors are under obligation to provide quality care for their patients before and after the surgeries which in turn is not helping the doctors and they have to compromise on their payment part.

According to CNN the new president elect Donald Trump has called this initiative "lousy" and that it does not work in people's favor. Some republicans are of the opinion that if this law is repelled and not replaced by a law more effective, it will have adverse effects.

An estimated 20 million people have been benefited under the Medicaid expansion as Obamacare was swift enough to make major reforms seen never before, such as protecting the people from denial by the insurance companies to provide cover for pre-existing conditions.

The protesting republicans don't yet have a plan to replace Obamacare and its complete abolishment before a better suited replacement is found means depriving people's basic right to health care.

The Republican Party GOP has to find a good enough reason and a strong enough solution before revoking the existing health act. Obamacare has been a revolution in medical history of America and it may just turn out to be Obama's most enduring legacy.

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