South Korea Latest Bird Flu Under Control: Government Claim

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Jan 05, 2017 06:40 AM EST

South Korea recently found itself engulfed in a national calamity with the outbreak of current bird flu.  It affected every corner of the nation, but the government acting vigilantly, launched a nationwide action plan to cull chicken. In the process at least 30 million chicken infected with the flu were identified, separated and butchered.

The government Officials maintain the flu is under control; the panic button is off now, as the number of infected birds, according to EFE report, is dropping remarkably. The government, however, made it clear that the decreasing number in no way suggests the end of flu.

Every step necessary to ensure the complete eradication of Bird Flu will continuously be carried out by the government. So that there is not a single place left unchecked in the process which could potentially prove an open invitation to the danger associated with the outbreak of the Bird Flu, a Business Standard report claims.

Cautioning the health experts, they are advised to remain wide-awake in case any anomaly came into being because of bird migration which is at peak right now.

In areas where Bird Flu outbreak was maximum, authorities are working on war footing to sterilize each and every poultry farm in that area.  In the process which started with the identification of the first H5N6 viral infection way back on November 16, 2016, 30 million chickens, including many other birds as well, have been slaughtered throughout the South Korea and the process is still on till every infected bird or chicken is not identified, separated and subsequently slaughtered.

South Korea so far is successful in bringing down the otherwise mounting Bird Flu cases throughout the country but the country has to remain vigilant in the future as well to fight back any dangerous resurrection of the Bird Flu.

The action plan government has adopted needs further improvement and implementation, a South Korean official claims.

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