'The Blacklist' season 4 episode 9 and the Mole

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Jan 08, 2017 07:12 PM EST

The Blacklist returns and it does so with a bang. Remember, Katarina Rostova? Yes, she is the villain this time and the world cannot wait to witness such an instance. This will all turn true when teh Season 4 episode 9 of The Blacklist, will air on television.

According to Blasting News, it was quite apparent that the creators and the members involved in the show had stated the return of Katarina. So, the world knew that her return was inevitable. But, what has surprised the series followers was the fact that she would return to stand against the protagonist. The previous instalments of the show had witnessed Raymond Reddington, the character portrayed by James Spader, delivering a message from Katarina. This message was nothing but a small snippet of how Liz was mourning the suspicious disappearance of Raymond.

There were some new updates on the show, which were doing the rounds of the internet. It stated that there were spies within the team of Red. Quite a conspiracy stirrer, this news had gotten fans into turmoil. They have come to a conclusion that it is probably the character played by Mozhan Marno, who is called Samar, who is the mole. But Samar is not the only suspect, for that would have been an easy bet. Other names too have surfaced like Liz, Aram and even Ressler, as per News Everyday.

The viewers are not the only people who are bent on catching the mole. Red too has taken a keen interest in who the spy is. He intends on catching one sneaking behind their back and reporting to Harold, a character portrayed by Henry Lennix. So, hold on to your seat and await the reappearance of Katarina, who is portrayed by Lotte Verbeek. This will one hell of a ride, as Red finds out who the mole is and the new villain makes lives miserable. 

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