The Curse Of Oak Island Season 4 Episode 9: Echoes From The Deep: Marty And Rick's Quest For The Evasive Wealth Reveals

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Jan 09, 2017 06:58 AM EST

The well-known reality/documentary series "The Curse of Oak Island" has tagged along a risk-taking journey of Marty and Rick Lagina who were inspired of an enormous desire to solve Oak Island's mystery. The series has its fourth season took the viewers into appealing discoveries. However, none of those entertaining discoveries has unveiled a hint to the final solution of the mystery.

In the pursuit of the treasure in the Money Pit, the brothers have applied an up-to-date digging machines. Yet, the two have not found any relevant data that would aid them to come up with a hint to sort out, cited Opp Trends.

"The Mystery of Samuel Ball" has been the last released episode of the series. It has ran down on the examination of a newly discovered metal or probably a gold which could be connected to Samuel Ball. He was an American slave who has existed in 1700s. Though there were various speculations, the team so far has failed to find answers.

To strengthen their quest, the brother have dried out the swamp upon thinking that it would unveil something significant. However, instead of a gold they have found a large iron nail. They have decided not to examine thenail anymore, whether it has something gold on it and have just assumed that the nail was a dog spike or a screw spike out of a carbon steel.

Attempts of solving the big mystery of the island have been numerous, unluckily nothing has proven to be fruitful. No one has ever been triumphant or has a favorable result at all. Thus, it made everyone puzzled and in doubt if there is any evasive wealth at all.

Marty and Rick were not even certain regarding the treasure, however the two did not quit being hopeful of it. Rick said he would never mind to lift stones and carry the burden 50 miles daily. He added that whatever it takes, he is set to do it, Your News Your Zone said.

An exclusive video "Bonus: No Regrets" has been uploaded for viewing for the fans to behold the claim of the two that they have not regretted of jumping into the quest despite of the end result.

On January 10, 2017, the upcoming episode of the series ("Echoes from the Deep") which will air at 9 p.m. in History Channel.

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