Diet Drinks Have Bad Impacts On Health? Research Study Reveals The True Fact

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Jan 10, 2017 12:47 PM EST

So far diet drinks are promoted as a key alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages. But current research reveals the completely different fact. Researchers now argue that diet drinks are not beneficial at all.

Different organizations create campaigns to raise awareness regarding the negative impact of sugar. It is a proven fact that sugar can create several health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular problems. Sugar-sweetened beverages are the key source of sugar.

Currently, several artificially sweetened beverages are used as sugar-free "diet" drink and as an alternative to the sugar-sweetened beverages. But researchers from the famous Imperial College London opine differently.  

A collective research team of Imperial College London of UK, Federal University of Pelotas and University of Sao Paulo of Brazil and Washington University in St. Louis has argued that artificially sweetened beverages can't provide any health benefits. Artificially sweetened beverages provide no nutritional benefits.

The popular journal PLOS Medicine says artificially sweetened beverages are not the diet drinks. The above-mentioned research team, led by Prof. Christopher Millett opines that sufficient evidence proves that SSBs or sugar-sweetened beverages "are very high in calories".

SSBs increase the "risk of being overweight" which later develops diabetes. That means SSBs are devoid of any kind of nutrients. ASBs or artificially-sweetened beverages are very popular among the American children.

Popular examples of ASBs are soft drinks, flavored water, coffee, tea and obviously fruit juices. All these drinks are considered as diet drinks as they don't contain sugar components like SSBs.

Diet Drinks can be the source of chronic diseases:

Most of the times, ASBs increases the appetite and "stimulate the secretion of gut hormones". This process increases the consumption of ASBs and the ultimate result is obesity and related complications.

Millett and the research team have pointed out that ASBs increase the BMI or body mass index and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Even ASBs enhance the chance of stroke and other cardiometabolic diseases.

Several studies have proved the bad impact of ASBs, so it is necessary to be aware of the biased review sponsored by the beverage companies. Dr. Maria Carolina Borges has opined that biased studies should be taken very seriously.

Now it is quite clear that the absence of proper evidence has made it clear that ASBs can't prevent weight gain. Even no long-term positive effect on the health from ASBs is seen. Therefore ASBs should not be promoted as diet drinks. The composition and the long term consumption can cause several health problems. 

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