Ben Affleck- Sienna Miller Sex Scene in ‘Live By Night’: Sienna Miller’s Experience On Sex Scene With Ben Affleck

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Jan 10, 2017 12:47 PM EST

It's a dream of every girl to have a hot property like Ben Affleck beside her in bed. But Sienna Miller got a really different experience to share about the sex scene, which she had with Ben Affleck in the movie 'Live By Night'. The experience of Sienna Miller, who shares a brother sister bond with Ben Affleck, had a contradictory experience from our wildest imagination of the sex scene.

In an interview with Sienna Miller by Maria Menounos for E! News, Sienna Miller has unwrapped her experience of the sex scene with Ben Affleck for the movie 'Live By Night'. Sienna Miller stated that ""Ben and I are like brother and sister, thank God, so there was no awkwardness. There was just a lot of stupid giggling. He's very professional-I am not, but he is. In that environment, it was a cool scene."

Sienna Miller even called the sex scene experience with Ben Affleck as 'hysterical'. Sienna Miller compliments Ben Affleck as very professional and that made her feel it as a cool scene.

Sienna Miller even recollects that both herself and Ben Affleck needed to shoot nine hours for a montage sex scene in car, bar and places like that. Even before completing the ninth hour of the sex scene, Sienna Miller couldn't control her tears from her eyes, due to excessive laughing. From that it's easy to recognize the professional champ in Ben Affleck.

As per the reports from The Hollywood Reporter, 'Live By night' is a movie adapted from the novel by Dennis Lehane.  The movie 'Live By Night' is directed and acted by Ben Affleck. In the crime drama, Ben Affleck portrays the role of Joe Coughlin, a notorious gangster.

'Live By Night' had an initial release on Dec 25, 2016 and will be having a wide release on Jan 13, 2017. Ben Affleck's 'Live By Night' has already entered the Oscar list after the December Release.


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