Migraines At Office: Here Is The Ultimate Survival Guide

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Jan 11, 2017 03:12 AM EST

These days any kind of work involves a lot of stress. An unhealthy lifestyle along with the stress takes a toll on the daily life. A problem like Migraine only makes it worse especially when one has to work at office and portray everything is fine when it is not.

According to the Health Central a poll conducted in 2002 by Harris Interactive for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals revealed that 15 million working people in the United States have gone to work with a migraine or developed it while working. Most of them failed to stay active because of the uneasiness. As per the experts, lack of awareness among people about migraine and its remedies has led to the rise in the percentage of people suffering from this disease as compared to asthma and diabetes both combined.

In the opinion of  Dr. Jan Lewis Brandes, a headache and Migraine specialist at Vanderbilt University, "Many people struggle through the debilitating pain of migraine to get the job done and because they do not want to let down their co-workers." He also believes that unless there is proper medical advice and attention regarding migraine among the people it is not possible to keep the ill effects under control. The Harris Poll also pointed towards the fact that most of the sufferers themselves don't understand the seriousness of the situation and act accordingly.

According to WebMD migraines are more susceptible to occur under extreme conditions of stress, exhaustion, bright lights and noise. Almost 90 percent of people affected with migraine can't work when they are experiencing one. Every year 13 million American workdays go in vain just for this one reason as per the Migraine Research Foundation.

The workers should be open to their employers about the situation and should seek help and care at their workplace. Merle Diamond, MD, president of a headache clinic in Chicago suggests the workers to inform their bosses and colleagues about their health condition and have proper medical care to handle the problem.

Daily dosage of caffeine along with sober lights, music, fragrance and colors at the workplace can be a handy solution to the problem. An ice pack also eases the pain in some cases. During an intense pain one should have a peaceful place to relax and doing stretches and yoga before getting back to the work is also recommended.

Maintaining a proper posture while working and having a proper chair and desk apart from regular and healthy daily meals and proper sleep the night before the office is essential.

Also there should be a clarity about the Family Medical Leave Act according to the size of the company in such cases at the disposal of the workers. The HR Department should take the responsibility of educating everyone on the particulars.

It is tough but not impossible to deal with migraines at workplace. The little things mentioned above make the whole lot of difference!

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