'Climate Change Biggest Threat to the World Economy:' How`s and Why`s According to WEF Report You Need to Know

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Jan 16, 2017 09:18 PM EST

The threat from the indiscreet climate change is looming high on the global economy. An annual report conducted by World Economic Forum has concluded that the global climate change is on the brink to transcend the risks collectively imposed by rising terrorism, cyber crimes, and unchecked migrations.

There is no doubt about the world going through a troublesome time. Rising terrorism has put at peril the human life. Indirectly it's tearing apart the economic fiber of world too. There is a transition from offline to the online mode on the boom, and with it, the cyber risk has increased manifold. As we make progress in technology, we use it in advancing the deadly weaponry.

Any mistiming or error in the intensively subtle handling of this ammunition is enough to inflict catastrophe on the world. Adding to the catalog of risks is the shortage of potable water and unchecked bulk migrations. But, amid the significant of risk connected with each calamity listed above, the World Economic Forum has singled out climate change as the worst of all. A report published in US News claims.

The WEF cited the reason, in labeling climate change as the biggest threat to the world economy, as negligence in preparation and weak-willed approach towards global climate change. The unprecedented calamity which is imminent in climate change has ample potential to devour the world economy.

The climate change is not only the biggest threat to the world economy it's likely to disrupt the food supply, worse than not is the water shortage, unpredictable economic curve, and rising security confrontation amongst the nations. A report published in The Guardian claims.

The climate change, according to WEF, is likely to usher in the era of social discord with an increase in strained relations be they political or economical. What remains is the bruised economic pacts, downing production rate, and scrapped business treaties.

The ruined assets could be the mocking tale of ruination. The climate change certainly is the biggest threat to the world economy; it will play big, lest we play small.

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