Spicy Food Lovers Scientifically Proved To Live Longer: Hot Red Chili Pepper Delays Mortality

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Jan 17, 2017 09:46 AM EST

A very legitimate reason for spicy food lovers to celebrate with every spicy food available in town. The spicy food not only makes the spicy food lovers taste buds happy but also gives a bonus life expectancy. A recent study has proved that including more of hot chili peppers and spices in the diet makes the individual healthy. Also, it helps the individual to look much younger than the actual age of the person.

PLOS ONE has published a study on the effect of hot red chili peppers in human health and mortality. As per the study, including chili peppers in the diet can reduce the death rate drastically. The study was conducted by researchers at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. In the research, it was found out that the mortality was reduced up to 13%  with the consumption of red chili pepper.

The researchers of the study are not fully confident about the life guarding effect of chilli peppers. But the important component of chili peppers, capsaicin got the ability to keep the body healthy and fit. Obesity can be prevented by capsaicin, also it can modify the coronary circulation of blood. Capsaicin is also rich with antimicrobial properties.

The health benefits of chili pepper were also mentioned in the 2015 study conducted in China. The BMJ has published the study, which was previously done on the effectiveness of chili pepper in human life expectancy. The data from 2004 to 2008 was collected and closely analyzed by the researchers of  Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

The data were collected by giving questionnaires to the people of age group between 30 to 70. The individuals with cancer, heart attacks and strokes were excluded from the survey. When compared to the non-spicy food lovers, the spicy food lovers proved to have a lower risk of premature death.

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