Man Born Without Penis Finally Gets Bionic Replacement; Says Losing His Virginity Isn't Exciting

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Jan 21, 2017 03:35 AM EST

A man identified as Andrew Wardle from Manchester was reported to have a one in 20 million rare condition wherein he isn’t born with a penis. The 44-year old man has testicles but has no penis to lose his virginity.

Wardle’s condition was known to be bladder exstrophy which his bladder is exposed outside his body. Doctors have already fixed his issue on how he would urinate, but his lack of a penis has not yet been fixed. But luck is with this man, as doctors prepare a procedure to get him a bionic replacement.

Wardle was lucky enough that after 4 years of research, the University College London already came up with the method to produce his bionic genital from his arm's muscle, skin, and nerves. The procedure works in a way that tissues and muscles from his arm would be rolled. Following the step, the skin would then be grafted into his pubic bone and joined to his testicles. This procedure then just needs to be tapped to his brain to turn it on.  

Moreover, while waiting for his bionic Willy to be produced, Wardle stated on The Sun that he had talked to other men with similar issues born without their genital manhood. He said that some of them have suicidal thoughts. So, Wardle wants to raise a charity for those people amid his upcoming operation. Wardle wants to voice out that people should live their life even without sex. He stated that he wants people to know that having a defect like his isn’t the end of the world. Given that he is still having a normal relationship with his four-year girlfriend, Fedra Fabian indeed proves true of his statement.

Wardle then adds that “I’ve been with my girlfriend for a few years now but it isn’t the sex I’m looking forward to. When you’re born without a penis and you can’t have sex, you just don’t get that excited about it.” Mirror also reported that Wardle was known to bed over 100 women but not able to succeed in taking it to the next level. He also revealed that he was punched one time when he told the truth to a woman.

Wardle then noted that tons of people think it’s is all about sex, but it’s not. He then concluded that it’s all about relationships and life. Wardle isn’t yet ready for losing his virginity but he stated that he will do it when he’s ready.

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