Facebook Account Hacking: Shocking Revelation Of Partners Spying On Facebook

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Jan 24, 2017 12:00 AM EST

 Social Media, especially Facebook has a larger influence on the relationships of the present day generation. The social media addiction breaks the relationships more than they make. Most of the people do much of the things in Facebook, especially messaging expecting a higher security in its privacy. Some of the recent studies have proved that most of the Facebook accounts have been hacked or spied by the close ones and partners of the users.

The Facebook status, posts, likes and shares can say lots more about a person's social attitude. But digging deeper in the profile can get more things to the surface and that is the exact reason why most of the people spy on their partner's account. A study was conducted by the University of British Columbia, which was done among the U.S adults.

Daily mail reports that, from the survey done among 1,308 adults, it has been found out that 24 percent has spied others Facebook account. 24 percent of 1,308 adults mean 1 in 5 U.S adult. Many people find themselves having a hard time to trust their partners and for some people, it's personal grudges that tempt them to do such an act.

The study also finds out that jealousy plays a key role in people to snoop into the Facebook account of their partners. Also, nearly they spend atleast 15 minutes on the account of their partner. Friends, relatives and loved one's spy on the Facebook accounts out of curiosity and fun. Hidden animosity is the reason behind the perpetrators to enter into their enemy's account. And most of them has done it through the device, which the victim uses to log in to their account.

The Mirror has recently reported a study on the topic 'Can You Tell That I'm in a Relationship' by the Scientists from Canada and U.S. As per the study, the reason for people uploading their Facebook profile picture with their partner is due to the feeling of insecurity in the relationship.  A sense of loss in the affection of the partners tends people to make the relationship more visible to the public.

The Facebook posts on relationship also show the fear in relationships. But that doesn't mean all the people who don't post on Facebook about their relationships are too affectionate and having a happy relationship. There is another side to the story. The people, who are less affectionate also doesn't post anything about their relationship on Facebook. When people are more insecure in their relationship, then they tend to post more about the relationship on Facebook.

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