Will Marijuana Legalization Survives Restrictions?

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Jan 31, 2017 12:28 PM EST

Marijuana is legal after a long wait but it is surrounded by countless restrictions. US citizens wonder why they should need a license or a card to avail a little amount of marijuana for recreational purpose or medicinal reasons. Cannabis has to go another phase of tough time until it becomes an easy commodity in the market.

The weed is legal for recreational purposes through the passage of Proposition 64 on Nov. 8 but still, business owners, residents, patients, and entrepreneurs do not know about the legal uses of cannabis. With many variations of practical possession or use of marijuana, it is essential for the citizens to know what is allowed for them specifically, reports Canna Bizz Board.

Californian residents are allowed to grow only 6 plants no more unless there is a patient and he has the medical recommendation legal permission to grow more otherwise he commits an offense if he grows seven or eight plants of marijuana at home. State officials are developing more regulations for transporting, testing, growing or selling cannabis.

Delivery services for marijuana according to Prop.64 allow licensed retailers and mobile services to deliver, with local governments unable to prevent delivery of marijuana or marijuana products. While marijuana is still in its initiate state of legalizations, several restrictions are obstructing its way, according to Daily Press.

In the meantime when the residents are struggling to find a legal and safe path for consuming marijuana, San Bernardino County Hesperia Sheriff's Station detained three persons after they found an illegal growth of marijuana at their Hesperia home. He drivers behind the wheel are bound to refrain from marijuana as one of the substances that impair driving.

Will marijuana take a longer root until the pot is a real "entertainment?" Right now the many folds of restrictions have wrapped the recreational aspect of the drug in fears and apprehensions!

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