‘Sword Art Online’ Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date: 'Alicization Arc' Featured; Will Kirito & Asuna Have a Happy Ending?

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Feb 01, 2017 07:29 AM EST

“Sword Art Online” fans have been long anticipating the anime’s season 3 release. Now, anime enthusiasts of the light novel series wouldn’t have to wait longer since rumors have hinted the fate of Kirito and Asuna and revealed some of what the upcoming season could feature.

According to Comic Book, the “Sword Art Online” movie end credits have stated that “SAO will return.” This event then ignited the hearts of fans to conclude that the anime’s season 3 would be coming. Yet again, A-1 Pictures have not released any official statement yet.

With that said, Inquisitr reported that the movie synopsis is: “In 2026, a new machine called the Augma is developed to compete against the NerveGear and its successor, the Amusphere. A next-gen wearable device, the Augma doesn’t have a full-dive function like its predecessors. Instead, it uses Augmented Reality (AR) to get players into the game.”

The publication then identified that since augmented reality isn’t featured in the “SAO: Alicization”, it is safe to assume that “Sword Art Online” season 3’s plot wouldn’t be affected.

Fans have been frantic about the anime’s season 3 because the “Alicization” light novel featured Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito being trapped in a world named “Underworld” formed by the organization, Rath’s (new org he’s been working with) experiment machine, "Soul Translator". Thus, being trapped in the world, Kazuto is forced to spend his eleven years as a child there.

What’s more is that after that event, upon Kazuto’s return, Kanamoto Atsushi (Johnny Black) attacked him with "succinylcholine" which then made his heart stop. Fortunately, doctors were able to revive him but alas, his brain suffered damage. Thus, he ended with coma.

Kazuto is then kidnapped by Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) and he woke up in “Underworld” after being connected to the “Soul Translator” again. Rest assured, fans would still have to wait for the actual “SAO” season 3 anime release to conclude on what the TV series would feature.

“Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale” would be released in Japan on February 18 and March 9 in the United States. The official release date for “Sword Art Online” season 3 still remains a mystery.

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