Latina’s Health: Demi Lovato’s ‘Fitness Addict’ 4 Hours Gym Routine

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Feb 06, 2017 08:25 AM EST

What makes famous singer Demi Lovato still hail alongside fellow Disney stars Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus? Jay Glazer gym owner of Unbreakable Performance Centre wherein the “Confident” singer does her fitness routine speaks about her fitness addiction.

According to Body and Soul, Demi was spotted at the gym in Los Angeles as well as notable stars, Nick and Joe Jonas. With that said, Glazer mentioned that Demi spends four hours a day in the gym. Glazer then notes that the gym is Demi’s safe haven which has become her healthy addiction.

Glazer also said that the “Stone Cold” singer is vicious and is very eager to train per People. Demi then starts her fitness routine for an hour and a half of mixed martial arts. Demi’s trainer then stated that depending on the day, their session varies on boxing, Muay Thai, ground fighting and/or Brazilian jujitsu. Of course, Demi’s routine includes having short recovery rests in between.

The gym trainer then noted that Demi’s training is very intense since it comprises of three different exercises. “She’ll do a push, a pull and lower body move, so let’s say a chest push, a pull for your back, and then some sort of squat” he then added that the squats that the “La la Land” singer does wouldn’t bulk her and their routine would then end with doing the abs.

After the mad routine that the former Disney “Camp Rock” star undergoes, Foods4Better Health reported that she undergoes 30 minutes of recovery with twice of I.V. therapy and two or three times a week of cryotherapy. Demi also goes through Phoenix Thera-Lase medical laser therapy every day which reduces swelling and inflammation of muscles through massage recovery sleeves as well.

More so is that Glazer mentioned as well that Demi Lovato hasn’t been late ever and she had been incredible as well in helping others. Demi had been training not for just body fitness but for her mental health as well. Glazer then concluded that “Physically, she looks ridiculously amazing, but to get her to see herself as beautiful as she is — I can’t tell you how proud we are of her.”

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