7 Shocking Masturbation Side Effects!

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Feb 08, 2017 11:40 PM EST

Masturbation is one of the habits secretly done by other people. Yet, some people who do it frequently doesn’t know the wonders or risks that it may bring. Fortunately, experts give some of the information everybody should know.

According to Daily Star, a hidden side effect of masturbation is disease prevention. The conclusion was done by doing a study on 32,000 healthy guys whose sex lives were assessed for 18 years by Harvard University researchers. The study then concluded that 3,839 of the guys had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Yet, the study also found out that men who ejaculated 21 or more times each month had a 22% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Women could benefit from masturbation as well since it flushes out UTI’s out of the cervix.

Another fascinating benefit of jerking off is found out to be a stress reliever which helps people to sleep easily. Some people already know that doing it makes them happy since it releases endorphins. But some people doesn’t know as well that women could ease their abdominal pain while having their menstrual period through masturbation.

On the contrary, too much could hurt your down under as Boldsky reported. Masturbation also has harmful side effects like it could bring a large barrier in your sex life. It was stated that while a person had done too much, he could be distracted by thoughts on what he would masturbate on while having sex. This would then halt a person’s sex life by being too distracted on masturbating.

Well, one of its obvious scary side effects is making ejaculation or orgasm suffer. Since a person masturbates the fluids will find a hard time being replenished after being released. Social life could be affected as well if one doesn’t muster enough focus but instead just keep on fantasizing on masturbation. Hence, one of its harmful effects is to begin treating masturbation as an addiction.

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