Kate Middleton Advocates Mental Health Awareness: Speeches Raises Concern About Her Marriage Problems?

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Feb 08, 2017 11:41 PM EST

The Duchess of Cambridge now requests people to share their feelings of loneliness and despair as a part of her campaign to address mental health problems. Kate Middleton participates in a campaign that covers several steps to overcome difficult mental problems. Different reports are surfacing that she is now determined to show her charitable attitude.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Kate Middleton is now gearing up to prove herself as a "woman of the people". She has increased her charitable works as she has a new rival, Meghan Markle. Prince Harry's Hollywood Girlfriend has already become a center of discussion among the people.

Recently, Kate Middleton attended the Mitchell Brook Primary School in Brent, England to share words about the importance of the children's mental health. It is essential to maintain the well-being of a child. Addressing the mental health issues is one of the key ways to maintain that.

Britain's Evening Standard reports that Kate Middleton shared important views with the students and the teaching staff of the school. She opined that teaching kindness is essential as teaching math. The Duchess of Cambridge considered sharing words with someone as a great tool to mitigate the loneliness or anger.

Many people believe that her words actually indicate her own feelings. Sources reveal that Kate Middleton is hiding the feelings about her marriage to Prince William. Even previous reports indicate that she "has been feeling trapped by the royal family for years now".

Many insiders have already observed that Kate Middleton feels happy to share words about her loving and caring Middleton family. She chose to spend her last Christmas with the Middleton family. She was even close to tears while giving a speech at the Place2Be charity in 2015.

Experts reveal that Kate Middleton's mannerisms clearly depict her stressful condition. Questions are surfacing that whether this is the aftermath of her hiding the true feelings about her marriage or not. Some people think that she is probably searching for a proper way to solve this problem.

Insiders also think that Kate Middleton can't hide her anxiety for a long time and one day it will surely come out. Royal observers are also surprised to see that she is advocating for the mental health awareness. This can be a good way to hide her own problems.

Now the million dollar question is whether Kate Middleton is truly feeling lonely and angry about her marriage or not. Time can provide the proper answer. Fans are and followers are eagerly waiting to know the next development. 

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