Serena William Cracks Jokes About Venus Williams: The Younger Hates Her Sibling For Thin Physique

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Feb 12, 2017 05:20 AM EST

Sibling rivalry is a common matter and this time it happens between Serena Williams and Venus Williams. Recently the younger sister uttered some words about her older sister that creates an uproar among the fans.

Entertainment Tonight reports that the popular tennis star Serena Williams jokingly said that her elder sister Venus Williams is very thin. She even added that she hates her because of her thin physique. A Snapchat of the junior one on Wednesday reveals this fact.

Sources say that Serena Williams jokingly shared these words. The interesting fact is so far the spectators never experienced any rivalry between these two sisters on the tennis court. Even Venus Williams never uttered any negative words about her sister.

According to Mail Online, Serena Williams filmed Venus Williams without her knowledge when the elder one was putting on a pair of pants. The younger one then remarked about her sibling's thin body. She even joked that whether her sister needed a belt or not.

Serena Williams uttered those words while waiting for her sister in the car. She even continued making jokes in front of the camera until Venus Williams got in the car. Sources say that the whole incident only indicates the love between the siblings and nothing else.

It is not a new fact that the 35-year-old Serena Williams thanked her sister Venus Williams after beating her in the Australian Open finals in 2017. The younger sibling uttered that her sister is a nice person and it was not possible for her to win so many titles without the elder one. The famous pair truly inspires other players.

Serena Williams and Venus Williams have gone head to head for 28 times. The final aftermath is the younger one won 17 and the older one acquired 11 titles. The interesting fact is till now the tennis pair is very happy and the younger sister confesses that her sister is her inspiration.


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