Facebook Post Of 6-foot Long Carpet Snake In Plants Rattles Everyone [VIDEO]

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Feb 12, 2017 04:59 AM EST

A recent Facebook post of a 1.8-meter or 6-foot long Carpet Snake wrapped in the plants has rattled everyone on the internet. The image posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers took the Facebook by storm as people are wondering how a snake can hide inside the plant pots.

The image posted on Facebook contains 6 pots in a house and guess where is the snake! It is in the top middle pot. Actually, many don't believe it, but it is right up there, reports The Sun. Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers are a popular snake catching team in Australia. The snake in the image is right behind the pot which is hardly seen. But, the user claims it is behind the pot and they snapped it before it made a ruckus in the house.

Fortunately, these Carpet snakes are harmless or non-venomous snakes. They kill small animals like wallaby, rat and it by constricting them around their prey and eat them after they die. These snakes are usually spotted on Facebook posts to unnerve the visitors.

The photo is chilling visual for many Australians as they face such instances every now and then. Apart from Australia, Carpet Snakes are also seen in Indonesia, Papu New Guinea, and Yule Island. Those who garden in their home next time, beware! Watch out for an unpleasant surprise may be lurking in your plants.

According to Snake Facts Weebly, Carpet snakes are fond of trees and plants as they are semi -arboreal. They normally spotted in Australia on the trees, wrapping plants, shrubs, or crossing roads. They are mostly active on the night but are coiled at rest during the day. Their name was derived as they resemble the Oriental carpet pattern white, cream and gold markings. They can even be in brown, light green and black.

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