Surprising Health, Beauty Benefits Of Raw Honey Revealed

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Feb 16, 2017 01:13 PM EST

Honey is known as general to be made by bees. There are many kinds of honey namely: raw, comb, liquid, granulated and hundreds more. Yet, raw honey which comes directly from the beehive is described to have many benefits for both people and pets.

According to Boldsky, one of raw honey’s main benefit that is known by many people is making it as a home remedy for colds or coughs since it is an effective dextromethorphan. Raw honey was also described to cure upset stomachs and help people digest food properly.

Furthermore, another raw honey benefit is its containment of many antioxidants that decreases cell damage. The phytochemicals called polyphenols of raw honey were mentioned to help prevent cardiac diseases. Raw honey is also identified to boost energy in the form of glycogen because of its water and nutrient capacity. Furthermore, raw honey is also described to heal wounds because of its antiseptic properties. Thus, raw honey is also found in several skin products.

With that said, the beauty benefits of raw honey was described to be as a skin moisturizer and could also soothe sunburns. The Spectrum also reported that raw honey is good for the hair and skin. Its capabilities of absorbing water and retaining it in both hair and skin are what makes it beneficial. It was also mentioned to be a good facial, bath or body scrub moisturizer if mixed with water or milk. People could also use it as a conditioner if mixed with olive oil.

Regarding pet benefits of raw honey. It is said to alleviate people’s pets having allergies per Alternative Daily. “A few drops a day and working up to one-quarter of a teaspoon, while starting large dogs at one-quarter of a teaspoon and working up to a teaspoon per day” was said by the publication. Yet, it was said to also consult the vet to know further actions. Another pet benefit of it is to aid pets that have intestinal issues like diarrhea.

Yet it was given as a warning that raw honey despite its benefits should NEVER be given to infants under one year of age since it contains Clostridium botulinum spores. In which it would give the child infant botulism, a rare serious condition that affects the nervous system of infants aged one year and below per National Honey Board.

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