‘Dragon Ball Super’ News: Hindu Group Orders Removal of God of Destruction Character Due to Lord Ganesha Resemblance

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Feb 17, 2017 12:38 PM EST

“Dragon Ball Super” fans were hyped once the Universal Survival Arc in the anime series had started. With just knowing Beerus and Champa, the other God of Destructions were already shown in the series which left the fans wanting more. Yet, there are certain people that didn’t take ONE God of Destruction character to be featured to be evil as okay.

According to Mobi picker, the Universal Society of Hinduism led by Rajan Zed had been reported to ask “Dragon Ball Super” series’ manager and production staff, FUNimation Entertainment of Texas and Toei Animation Company Limited of Tokyo to remove the God of Destruction in Universe 10 that is animated to be an elephant and perceived to one of the "evil" Gods of Destruction.

Thus, the group leader Zed mentioned that the certain God of Destruction resembles their Hindu God, Lord Ganesha. He then described the Lord portrayed as a God of Wisdom and that people shouldn’t cast him in that way. He then mentioned that “It is a trivialization of our highly revered deity and a distortion Lord Ganesha is worshiped as the God of wisdom and remover of obstacles and was invoked before the beginning of any major undertaking.”

Furthermore, Zed also stated that Hinduism should not be taken “frivolously” since it is one of the oldest and the third largest religion in the world. He then also thinks the same of other symbols of any faith by any small or large groups should not be mishandled as well.

With that said, Blasting News reported that the Elephant God of Destruction of Universe 10 in the “DBS” series is perceived to be highly offensive and has an evil heart toward his universal neighbors. It was alro mentioned that Hinduism followers doesn’t want their Hindu deity to be known to be evil.

Given that the new saga is already starting and airing, it is obvious that the whole arc is already planned out. Yet, amid circumstances, it is still up to creator Akira Toriyama to further decide the action needed to be taken.

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