‘Prey’ Mimic Aliens, Weapons, Neuromods, Trailer, Release Date: Arkane Studio’s 2017 Shooter Game would have Variety of Endings

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Feb 17, 2017 12:38 PM EST

“Prey” trailer was recently released by producer Bethesda. The video game is said to center on an action type of shooting game. The game slated for release later this year had received many positive reviews and yet, lead designer Ricardo Bare revealed what’s more in store for players.

According to Game Spot, Bare clarifies that the game has no connection with the Human Head Studios-developed “Prey” as it carries the same title. Creative director Raphael Colantonio also pointed out that it has no ties with it as Bare also said that Arkane Studio’s “Prey” exists on its own. With that said he added a juicy information regarding the ending of the game.

Bare mentioned that “Prey” would not have just one ending, but a wide variance of it. He then tipped that the players ending would be decided on how they would treat the humans on the station. Consequences ahead were warned by the lead designer upon what players would do with the survivors they meet. “There are two main branches, mostly centered around the fate of the space station and the survivors, but then within those branches, there's tons of little permutations” he added.

Given that the “Prey” gameplay includes, TranStar Corporation’s Morgan Yu would be surprised attacked by enemies named “Mimics” that could conceal themselves into any object, Racing Junky revealed some tips. The torque, Gloo Cannon, the shotgun, the gun, and crossbow were used in the demo. In which, the crossbow was described by Bare to really need one of three aptitudes to get to. He then also noted that the crossbow could be utilized to get to more zones.

Furthermore, the piece of aptitude trees called “Neuromods” were described to be comprised of hacking, repairing, and leverage points in order to get to more zones and move compartments. With “Prey” garnering hyped reviews, PC Gamer mentioned that the enemy AI transformation could be better. Frame rate issues and object clipping were pointed to be some issues as well.

Still, the game developers still have time to polish the game. Bethesda mentioned that “Prey” would be released this May 5, 2017, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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