Eating Marijuana-Infused Foods, Medical Cannabis Lessens Drinking Alcohol and Pain Killers; Why and Ways to Do It Here

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Feb 19, 2017 11:27 PM EST

Marijuana benefits and danger debates and study still surface people’s search feeds when searching for marijuana. Yet, as many slams its positive medicinal effects, some people keeps advice on alternate ways to infuse weeds into eating and its benefits on drinking instead of smoking it.

According to ADN, weed is not just for getting high. On the contrary, it was stated that cannabis has psychological effects as well as alleviating stress and pain, eases sleep and spices up arousal in making love. Chief executive officer of 1906, a company that makes marijuana-infused chocolates mentioned that "It's that cup of coffee in the morning, it's the pill of Ambien to help you sleep, it's that cup of chamomile tea."

Speaking of drinking, Alter Net revealed that a report from Eaze stated that California drinkers now turn to medical marijuana to alleviate stress. The report had 250,000 cannabis consumers along with 5,000 unique survey responses. The survey resulted that 82 percent of those people stated that marijuana is the reason they drink less alcohol. In which, 95 percent of medical marijuana consumers who takes opioids also mentioned that they now take fewer opioids due to marijuana.

With that said, Alternative Daily revealed why people should eat marijuana than smoke it. It was identified that eating weeds would prevent mouth and throat damage which could be resulted if a person smokes it. Another reason was pointed to be that the high to take effect for at least one to three hours. But, amid that reason, marijuana effect when eaten takes up to seven hours in a person’s body. Thus people who use marijuana to alleviate stress prefers this method as the report stated.

Hence, eating edible marijuana have different effects than smoking it which is pointed to be the slower effect of the THC. It is advised that while eating it, people should start with low dosages and work out their limit. Nonetheless, in order to have an edible and delicious weed meal, it is instructed that weed should be infused with butter, cooking oil or any heating fluid. Thus, while simmering the butter, the marijuana’s THC would be evenly distributed in the food to be served in it.

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