Kim Kardashian Robbery News & Update: French Media Released Crime Scene Photos, Surveillance Videos

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Feb 22, 2017 08:30 AM EST

French Media has recently released photos of the crime scene where Robbers tied Kim Kardashian and took her jewelry. The media also has presented the surveillance videos of the area.

The National Post reported that TFI, The French News network, has released the photos of the specific crime scene of the No Address Hotel. Kim Kardashian stayed in this hotel during the Paris Fashion Week in October 2016. A group of armed men robbed her at the gunpoint in that hotel.

The released photos include Kim Kardashian's bedroom and the bathroom. The robbers tied up the actress in that bathroom. The surveillance videos showed the presence of the alleged suspects at a café after the robbery.

Reports claim that the robbers met several times after the robbery at a café close to the hotel. French newspaper Le Monde also has released the extract of the police testimony about the investigation. The testimony reveals the confession of a key suspect Aomar Ait Kihedache.

Latinos Health previously reported that Kim Kardashian was very happy about the development of the investigation. Reports say that a 60-year-old man of the robbers' group revealed about the jewelry of the actress. He confessed that all the jewelry were melted down and sold.

The robbers couldn't sell Kim Kardashian's four million dollar engagement ring. The ring had a precious stone that could easily be spotted, so the suspects left it. Kim Kardashian visited a New York court earlier this month to provide her testimony against the robbers.

She gave her testimony to a French judge. Previously, Kim Kardashian was mentally upset after the robbery. She took some time to come back from the mental stress and joined her normal work.

Kim Kardashian's mother recently revealed her feeling when she heard the detailed incident. It was difficult for her to go through the whole story. She added that the incident changed their perspective and made them more conscious.

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