Google Pixel News & Update: Users’ Feedback Reveals Desired Requirements for the Next Pixel Phone

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Feb 22, 2017 03:22 PM EST

The smartphone industry has witnessed many unique inventions, and one such invention is Google Pixel. Yes, the multinational technology company is preparing for the next version of the said smartphone.

Tech Times reported that Google Pixel has marked its success with kudos from the users. The search giant has established a strong foot in the smartphone manufacturing industry. With superb performance and great processor, Pixel is now a lead player in the Android arena.

The appearance of Google Pixel has surely defined the modern technology, but still, something more needs to be achieved. The search giant is now asking for the users' reviews to measure the deficit. The company is gearing up to produce another new and developed model of the Pixel.

Feedback from the users has encouraged the tech giant to develop a new model of the Google Pixel. Krishna Kumar, the company's Product Lead for Pixel, recently posted a feedback request for a new design. He also mentioned a CNET special report that revealed the meticulous design of this smartphone.

Pixel User Community reported some essential facts and users' required features for the next Google Pixel. Those features ultimately indicate the desires and the requirements of the customers for the upcoming Pixel smartphone. New invention always searches for new aspects.

Water resistant must be the first requirement of the users. Currently, Google Pixel has IP53 certification, which is not sufficient for water resistance. On the other hand, Apple and Samsung have better certification.

The next Google Pixel needs to make improvement in this area. Apart from this, the phone has a huge unused bottom bezel. This bezel can be used to provide space for dual speakers, like the Nexus 6.

The Nexus 6 is also equipped with better audio quality, but the Google Pixel doesn't have that clarity. The audio speakers of the Pixel phone have an issue with the hardware and the company is trying to fix this. The search giant is actually preparing to address all the issues.

Google Pixel is obviously a dream phone to many people. But, the expensive price tag and limited availability create problems for them. The next Pixel phone must have solutions to address these problems and to create another success story.

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